Our dining and coffee tables are pretty unique. We can make yours as crazy or as restrained as you want it to be. 

Below you'll find a collection of custom designs for past clients. We have created round dining tables, large family dining tables, communal cafe tables, revived and up-cycled beloved tables and built concept coffee tables, just to name a few.



This table top measures in at 130cm diameter and was commissioned by Meg as a top only, because her husband is a metal fabricator and they wanted to make their own base/legs. They chose hair pin legs in the end.
Megs table incorporates painted sections, gold foil and glitter inlay filled with resin, recycled oregon, and recycled mahogany. The mahogany came from the Bribbaree station homestead which was built in 1877, demolished in 1977. I was born in 1977 so obviously didn't salvage these myself, but the guy who did salvage them, had them in his attic with a project in mind that just never happened, so when clearing out his home to downsize, he took the time to find a local maker that would appreciate their story. Photography provided by the client and detail shots of the top by the brilliant Ona Janzen


Autumn Lizzy

Autumn Lizzy is the result of the clients brief for a 6-8 seater dining table that was to be in the only room in the house without a garden view, so it was vital that the table brought the garden colours into the home. The design is a reference to our Yindi table design but with a softer colour palette and light timbers. All made using recycled douglas fir and blackbutt timbers. Autumn Lizzy was built right in the middle of Autumn while we are living in Orange NSW. Orange has a cold climate and a heap of deciduous trees, so autumn puts on a spectacular display, and I'm certain I was influenced by that. Autumn Lizzy is now living a new life with a brand new baby in Melbourne.



Diamond Jack

An upcycled table for Steve and Teresa. The timber used was American oak from the original top which was ripped into strips and mahogany salvaged from the Bribaree station homestead, jarrah from an old kitchen, and a little vic ash. The original table frame was gorgeous, and simply needed to be sanded back from white paint, to raw timber, then reinforced and varnished so it'll last generations more. Click below to view before and after photos of this upcycled piece.


Andrew 1.jpg

Eight of us

Andrew commissioned this table for the family home he was building with his wife Leisa. The new family home was an exciting milestone in their partnership, and the small things done as a family (like meal time) meant a great deal to them. The black and white interwoven triangles capture the strength and determination Andrew and Leisa have, they manifest a safety net for their immediate, and extended families. They hold each other firm and true.
Yeah, 😘so I'm sentimental, but my tables have never been just a table. (Thanks to Andrew for the pics)




Yindi is my daughters name, its a bit weird naming a table after my daughter, but at that time all of my tables were assigned to a human, so it scored her name. 

This is a slim and long dining table to fit in a slim long spot. It comfortably fits 6-8 family members but the slimmer dimensions accentuate the linear design, and modernise the overall feel of the table. Yindi was designed and built especially for an Art show in Regional NSW. Each piece of Recycled Oregon lath timber, that used to line the insides of house in Hawthorn, was hand planed, and cut to fit. The addition of gold leaf pops and enriches, and it's finished with layers of hard wearing environmentally friendly varnish so it's easy to clean and will stay looking beautiful for many years to come.

Different colour triangles, different shapes, same method but completely new design, are all possibilities with this one.




Custom Built dining table that was given it's name out of love by it's wonderful new owner in Melbourne.
Measuring in at 1690 x 950 x 740, Ichabod was made using recycled cyrpress pine pickets, some beautiful jarrah floorboards from an old school, and dressed recycled messmate frame, painted black to give the piece an industrial feel. Negative space detailing  give a window into the beautiful timbers below the surface, without compromising on the industrial feel that the client wanted.

The timber edging is sustainably sourced Tasmanian oak and the top was meticulously hand carved/plained down where needed,  so the top is slightly undulating, and full of character. It feels so nice to run your hand over. Finished with an environmentally friendly hard wearing varnish.



Bin 3

This 8-10 seater communal dining table is now living a super busy cafe life at Bin 3 Cafe & Wine Merchants in Balwyn.

Measuring in at 2.5m long, with upcycled turned legs, and a mix of recycled timbers. 

Everyone thinks the colours are black and white, but they're actually a dark grey, and an off white that the interior designer organising the Bin-3 fit-out requested specifically. The colours were used elsewhere, and she wanted them repeated in the table. The bonus of bespoke..

Materials used include Recycled Cypress Pine and Jarrah pickets, and a strip of vic ash laid out on bamboo ply. the cover strap (around the edge) was coffee stained. The irony of coffee staining a table for a cafe made me giggle just a little. All finished with a hard wearing environmentally friendly varnish.




A medium sized coffee table built for a couple in Coburg, VIC.

The final piece was an amalgamation of my lines of gold wall art and several specifics outlined by the client. Their sub needed to fit comfortably under it, and no paint which you may have noticed, I usually love to add. 

The dark to light gradient pulled in cues from the space in which it would be homed. There was an exposed red brick wall running the entire length of the townhouse, and predominantly dark wooden furniture. They wanted something that would tie in, but not further darken their home.

The table top is recycled oregan lath wood which has been stripped back and dressed then laid out on bamboo ply and edged with some sustainably sourced tasmanian oak cover strap. The frame is recycled picket fence and dressed recycled mountain ash.